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Azaya Gardens is a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in the international rose market.

The company has two farms in Ecuador, one in Tabacundo at 2,950 meters above sea level and another in Cayambe at 3,200 meters above sea level. The climate in these Andean páramo regions has a balanced level of humidity and is specially fertile thanks to the properties of the volcanic soil. Additionally, the geographic location of Ecuador allows our country to receive 12 hours of daily sunlight throughout the year. The sum of these conditions is ideal for flower growth. For this reason, cultivating roses has become part of the culture of the area and we are among the pioneering group of venture in the business.

The years of experience that we have have allowed us to reach rigorous standards of exporting quality. Our production process is clean and environmentally conscious; we seek to recycle the materials we use. Currently, our product portfolio includes new and classic varieties of fresh-cut roses, as well as a line of hand painted and tinted roses.

We feel lucky to be part of a community of charismatic and intelligent people who believe in the value of honest work. We strive to provide a comfortable and safe work environment to promote the wellbeing of our staff. In a similar way, it is essential that our customer service is attentive and effective at all times throughout the purchasing and after-sales process. Above all, we want our clients to enjoy their experience with us and trust that our roses will exceed their expectations. We are definitely happy to honor the phrase “we delight the world”.

Sara Garden, Inc.

Azaya Gardens for us means quality, commitment and accurancy, all of them indispensable conditions to grow in the business, but above all we appreciate the friendship and loyalty we have received during so many years from their administrative and sales staff.

Sara Garden, Inc.

We have been working with Azaya for many years now and they are without a doubt one of our most important suppliers today. In addition to offering an excellent product, working with Azaya is a synonym of trust, assurance and speed. From the viewpoint of human interaction, working with people that offer a professional and top quality service is a true pleasure.



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(+593)2 236 5090 (+593)2 236 5887