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Azaya Gardens is a proudly Ecuadorian company, dedicated to the cultivation of roses that achieve excellence in quality standards worldwide. Since our foundation in 2000, we have been committed to socially responsible business practices and caring for the environment.

The employees who work at Azaya Gardens count on a safe and healthy environment and infrastructure for the development of their activities, which makes it possible to send our roses to various corners of the planet.

Our company is certified with the BASC program that promotes safe international trade, as well as with the Flor Ecuador seal that guarantees good agricultural production practices in the export sector.

Our portfolio includes a large selection of natural traditional rose varieties, garden roses, and custom-order tinted roses available for worldwide shipping.

“We delight the world” with a product that we are convinced is part of very special and significant moments, for that reason, we focus on the continuous improvement of our processes in order to exceed the expectations of our customers.


General manager: Carlos Proaño

Sales: María Fernanda Puga
Whatsapp: (+593)993681622
Skype: azaya.sales
Locations: Tabacundo, Ecuador; Cayambe, Ecuador.

Sara Garden, Inc.

Azaya Gardens for us means quality, commitment and accurancy, all of them indispensable conditions to grow in the business, but above all we appreciate the friendship and loyalty we have received during so many years from their administrative and sales staff.

Sara Garden, Inc.

We have been working with Azaya for many years now and they are without a doubt one of our most important suppliers today. In addition to offering an excellent product, working with Azaya is a synonym of trust, assurance and speed. From the viewpoint of human interaction, working with people that offer a professional and top quality service is a true pleasure.



Via Lagunas de Mojanda


(+593)2 236 5090 (+593)2 236 5887